Maxine Waters’ Anti-Trump Speech is Incitement

American Women’s Alliance President Gayle Trotter was interviewed by WND about Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) recent speech where Waters told people, “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, at a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, you tell them, they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Trotter said comments like those raise political tensions to a dangerous level.

“It’s terrifying and shocking that a sitting Congress member would rile the crowd up like that. One of our most esteemed constitutional rights is the First Amendment protection of political speech. But this speech by Maxine Waters almost goes to incitement.”

In response to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, statement regarding Water’s speech, “In the crucial months ahead, we must strive to make America beautiful again. Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. As we go forward, we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea,” Trotter said, “Pelosi’s comment is equivalent to saying, ‘Her skirt was too short.’ It’s trying to pin the blame on the victim, instead of really calling out a member of her caucus and saying this is completely unacceptable.”

Trotter wondered why Pelosi won’t call on Waters to resign and said these confrontations seem to be a progression that is getting more dangerous all the time. If the political tables were turned, liberals and the media would be howling in protest.

She points to the New York Times and others blaming Sarah Palin, without basis, for the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords while seeing no larger issues in the Waters comments even as another Homeland Security official found a decapitated and burned animal on his front porch.

“In past circumstances, the press has made up these types of examples. Yet here, if you go to the editorial page of the New York Times, there were no [columns] there talking about the danger of this effort to target anybody in the Trump administration,” said Trotter.

Trotter sees a troubling transition as incendiary words turn into actions against Trump administration personnel. She also thinks many of these protesters are looking for their 15 minutes of fame, pointing out the restaurant owners who kicked out Sanders and her family had to know their actions would make news.

“It seems like it’s not only disagreements about politics, but it’s also to the point where people are doing things just to get 24/7 media attention. This is failing to underscore that the left is failing to practice what they preach. They talk about tolerance, and yet we don’t see people condemning violence in the face of political disagreement,” said Trotter.

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