Large coalition calls on Trump to make Healthcare Reform a 2018 priority

In a coalition letter sent to President Trump, Independent Women’s Voice, together with over 40 other groups representing millions of Americans, including American Womens Alliance (AWA), calls on President Donald Trump to build on the momentum of his successful tax reform effort and return to another central campaign promise: delivering health reform so that Americans have the options they need and want. Health care continues to rank as a top priority for all Americans: women and men; rich and poor; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

The letter, led by Independent Women’s Voice and signed by 40 other groups, including AWA, Americans for Tax Reform, Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Action, Freedomworks, ALEC, and Club for Growth, urges the administration to make health reform the focus of the budget reconciliation.

“The failures of the Affordable Care Act are clear: cancelled plans, restricted choices, bankrupting costs, and millions left without meaningful access to the care they need and want,” said IWV President and CEO Heather R. Higgins. “The new tax bill eliminated one of the worst scourges of the Affordable Care Act – the individual mandate tax penalty – but the root causes of the law’s failure remain unaddressed.”

“Only with the leadership of the Administration can the House and Senate find the compromise necessary to create a health reform package that will pass both houses and bring relief to the American people,” added Higgins. “We call upon President Trump to bring this issue back to the forefront and finally move us beyond the Affordable Care Act to a better health care system that provides greater choice, lower costs, and access to care for all.”


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